Because I liked it?

I’m really confused at the moment.

Some acquaintances of mine posted some comments on my Facebook under a video I posted by Bertrand Russell explaining why he isn’t a Christian. I really don’t understand the comments. I’m a little angry and confused because it’s not like I go to other people’s pages and post things saying, “Why should I care?” or comment on the amount of posts that involve cats or something of that sort. Besides the comment about the frequency of my Atheist related statuses or shares was largely exaggerated by this person. The majority of my posts and status updates are related to Japanese, or self development which largely go ignored by comments.

I’m not in particular angry at the people who posted the comments since people are always looking to bring other people down for whatever reason. I could be just as much of a dick and post comments on a lot of their stuff saying why are all your posts this? or why should I care? but that is childish. I am better than that.

I am keeping the video up because I’m not a doormat who has to appease other people. But this is the kind of problem I had with Facebook nearly a year ago. What’s the point of being on a site where other people can’t accept or want to take part in what I enjoy or am passionate about? Or even tolerate it? If I can’t even show my own individuality on the site, why even bother using the site in the first place?

I guess if anything the course of action I should and will take is just decrease the amount of posts to my Facebook from now on. It is obviously not the place to share who I am or what kinds of things define me.

What a superficial website.


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2 responses to “Because I liked it?

  1. Because there are many sort of human..

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