2013 – What would make a perfect year?

It really is no secret I’ve been reading many personal development sites and just reading more in general. I now believe that personal growth is linked to ones happiness. The more one is aware of then the bigger the happiness and success is. I’ve been reading a lot of the articles at Personal Excellence lately. One article talks about how one should write out what a 10/10 life would be like. But such a task for me right now seems a bit grand. I say this because I have gone 25 years sleep walking through my life. I have never once considered my own deep want and desires for myself. I have always lived denying and ignoring myself.  To ask what it would take to live a 10/10 life is…

Too much. So.

I want to instead reflect on what a 10/10 year would be for me in these aspects.
Health, wealth, family/friends, playtime, relationships, personal space, contribution/spirituality, and career/job.


*Stop drinking excessive alcohol at home.
*Only buy healthy foods.
*Run my track at least 3 times a week.
*Be in bed by 10:00~10:30pm
*Not ignore my sexual urges but don’t let them overtake me.


*Save 200,000 yen – Put in 20,000 yen into saving EVERY paycheck.
*Pay off one loan.
*Be more aware of what I buy and ask, “Do I really need this?”
*To remember that less is more. Smaller is better.
*Be more frugal with my money.
*Learn to use money as a means to further my life experiences.


*Connect with those I care about.
*Be honest with them and myself.
*Not to be afraid to be myself.
*Contact my family once a week.
*Share myself with those I am around.


*Be mindful of how much time is being spent.
*Do the things I enjoy as much as I can.
*Cut the things that are boring or not appealing. My time is important.
*Cut Facebook out of my daily life. It’s a waste and useless.


*Not to fear others.
*Be myself around others.
*Learn to relax around others more.
*Stop thinking how people are judging me.

Personal Space

*Research things my kitchen might need to cook better. I want to better my kitchen space to cook better things.

*I want to maintain a minimalist living space. Research those kinds of things.


*Fight negative self-speech whenever it pops up.
*Learn. Grow. Explore.
*Be the opposite of what I think I am.
*Read and learn material to better myself and my personal skills.
*Try to find areas in my life where I can use Japanese more. *See 2013 日本語のゴール sheet


*I want to find better ways to better contribute myself towards my current job.
*Find different outlets of work in the Tokyo area.
*Find outlets to increase my translation job skills.


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