Facebook – Why should I care?

This is a follow up entry to the last one I posted about Facebook. I can’t seem to shake the feelings that these comments have brought me. Someone posed the question, “Why should I care, dude?” Followed up with, “seriously why should i care?” by the same person. Why should you care? You really cared a lot to post a message, huh? This made me largely think about the content I’ve posted on Facebook, my audience (“friends”) and the kind of response or discussion I’ve gotten the past year.

Overall last year, I revised my usage of Facebook. I stopped using it as a place to vent about my everyday frustrations and stress because I realized that it would build and build. It was all I seemed to present to the world. And so, I too began to think that was all I had. This is a really long story actually because a bunch of different and maybe related factors brought about my change in attitude. The least you need to know is that I stopped posting negative things and focused more on the positive. I read more uplifting things. My thoughts became positive.

As a result, my statuses on Facebook and the kinds of articles I shared soon reflected this change in attitude. It wasn’t before long that I wanted to share these kinds of insights and articles with others. But I didn’t get the desired response. It did a great deal to reinforce the kind of person I want to be though. It helped in that respect, but I too also wanted to take joy in helping others or having what I posted be of some meaning to others as well.

I started to look over my friend’s status and posts. Largely uninteresting. “Why should I care?” Soon came to my mind. I really didn’t care. I realized this a year ago too but this year it just sticks out like a sore thumb. Just how superficial Facebook is. I am a reflective person. Insightful. Moody and emotional. And being superficial is something I can’t be. The kind of status updates I like to write are thoughful or impulsive. In the moment. Not something that might interest my other “friends”.

I have realized the closed system that Facebook is and the people I am connected to aren’t the real audience I should be writing to or sharing with. I don’t have much of a connection to the 200+ “friends” that I have. Many are people from high school or just people I have grown to know in the general area that I live and work in. It’s a waste of time to share the things that I want to share with these people because it is largely going without any form of acknowledgement or the discussion I desire. I orginally thought that sharing these things would be a good idea. I mean, it’s Facebook! Connect. Grow. Discuss. And with the people you know around you!


It’s a site filled with cat memes, family photos, and topics that don’t interest me. Just as my articles don’t interest them. Facebook isn’t the platform that I am looking for to express myself and who I am. It’s a waste of time because I have no real bonds of connection with the people I am “friends” with. Asside from ten people that I would consider people I actually know. Don’t get me wrong. I believe Facebook is a great way to connect and talk to people easily. I am going to continue using it in that way. As an easy e-mail platform. I am now largely disinterested in sharing anything with others or what others are sharing on the site.

Finally, looking back 2012 was about realization. This year is about application.

I want to reclaim myself. My mystery. My story and experiences. Everyone doesn’t need to share in them. I want to enjoy taking photos for the sake of having them and NOT because I feel like I need to impress others with them.

Currently, I am now in the process of deleting all my information and posts. I think I will keep my photos up because family might like to see them. But in the future, I want to decrease my usage and activity on the site.

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