Enough is enough!

I just got to do it. I need to cut it all out. The past few days have been shitty. Things were amazing from November till the beginning of January. I was making a schedule. A great routine with the things I wanted to get done. And they were getting done! I felt great!

But now… Why does it feel like I am setting myself up for failure? Time and time again I have been drinking consistently. Not exercising. Not reading nor studying. I haven’t been doing the things I enjoy doing.

Enough is enough! I deleted all my porn. I wasn’t using it very often as I had in the first place. I stopped hoarding new images months ago when I realized just how much time was going to waste from it.

No longer am I going to carry money on me when I go to work. That way I won’t be tempted to buy alcohol on the way home from work. Drinking alcohol causes me to make poor eating decisions. I know this and I am aware of it. I’m not blind to what it does to me!

While nothing is fundamentally wrong with these two things at all. Drinking beer and porn affect me in a very negative way. My desires for progression and improvement get overturned by my desire to just enjoy the present moment. I have a goal. These things aren’t a part of it!

They must be cut out entirely to reach the next level.

It’s only failure if I make it so. Get up and go from here. Just show up.

Life isn’t all or nothing. Life happens. Sometimes we do make mistakes.

At the very least just DO ONE.

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