We don’t need a progressive pope

The pope’s resignation has been an interesting topic lately. I can’t remember how I learned about it. But my first reaction as a status on Facebook was, “The pope resigned? Well, I hope this means they’ll get someone more in alignment with reality.” It seems like I’m not the only one to have such feelings.

I’ve been reading about how his resignation might bring a call for reform within the Roman Catholic Church. Commentaries on articles say that they want a “progressive” pope next. I don’t understand this. Christianity has certain core tenants and unchanging beliefs to follow. If Pope Benedict was as conservative and to the book as Catholic teachings could get about abortion, women’s role in the church and what have you. Then why are people up in arms about his role in the church? This is putting aside that he covered up the child abuse, and never punished those that committed them.

I think people just want to feel good. They don’t know why they’re here or what there is after they die. The thought scares them. They want to still hold onto the belief that they will go to heaven. But they want the next pope to be more progressive. He needs to be with the times because the current beliefs are old. Allow women priests! Allow abortion and contraception! Allow homosexual marriage! But have these people thought for a moment? Just, you know, quit following the religion completely and find something that agrees with your own beliefs and values?

It’s that easy. You could do it right now if you wanted. And that’s why I quit Catholicism when the brainwashing had no longer affected me. I came in contact with reasonable people after I left that setting and I found I had no use for Catholicism. No one was impressed by my belief. I was just using it as something to feel good about myself during high school. It was a waste of time. I got nothing from it. It didn’t help me feel better about myself. I only felt worse because I was sinning. Trying to live up to an ideal no one can reach. I didn’t even want that ideal.

But it was a struggle to give up religion. I couldn’t see how someone could live without a religion. I grew up in a household that taught a person needed some kind of belief. Then you would gather with likeminded people to celebrate that belief. So I researched other religions, but nothing I researched had fit with what I felt strongly about. Nothing sounded reasonable. It never occurred to me that just not having a religion is okay too. I didn’t need to force anything on myself. Just living, growing and experiencing the world works fine.

And I think that’s what religious people need to think about. Why follow something that doesn’t go in line with your core beliefs? If you’re complaining that the pope and Catholic Church needs to be more progressive and follow what the current trends are in the world. Perhaps you should try considering the option of just not following them in the first place if they don’t match. I don’t see the Church changing many of these beliefs they’ve held for so long. The easier options are either leaving or changing yourself to fit their beliefs. Otherwise you’re only living a lie.

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