What god shaped hole?

The concept of having a god shaped hole in my heart is ridiculous. I hate how Catholicism claims that I will never be satisfied by anything of this life. It’s funny because it is only this life that I can be certain about. From what I know, today is all I have. I have to live it! The world may end tomorrow. I may get into an accident on the way home from work and die. I need to make the best of what I have in life now at this stage. Not the uncertainties that may or may not come.

You see, this is how Catholicism gets you. They say that I’m sick. I’m not satisfied and the only way I can get healed is by joining them. This is a lie. They say I won’t be satisfied by anything of this world. This is a lie. I need to pray to god and take part in his love for true satisfaction. I don’t need to pay tribute to any god. If I need to thank anyone it is my parents, friends, and those that have made sacrifices to get me where I am now. Their actions are more tangible than some ambiguous forces of a sky dad. I don’t know where this concept of a god shaped hole comes from. I wouldn’t have even cared or known about it in the first place if I wasn’t told about it since I was a child. Like all the other made up religious mumbo jumbo I was taught.

There is no god shaped hole. If there was then the vast majority of god believers should be happier, right? But this isn’t the case at all. There are depressed and happy people all over the spectrum of beliefs. A god has nothing to do with it. I have found happiness during my time as a Catholic and as an Atheist. But that happiness has nothing to do with my religious belief or lack thereof.

It has to do with my confidence. I have a goal in life. I am striving to live my life in the way that I think is best. I am growing. I am expanding my knowledge and outlook. I have circle of friends. People I meet and talk to regularly who help me and give their support. I have come to believe that happiness and satisfaction must come from within. It cannot be depended on people or material possessions. Both times I found happiness and satisfaction because I was building myself up. I was actively taking responsibility for my life. Catholicism doesn’t guide people to happiness. It says we’re all imperfect. We’re sick from the get go. From birth we are dirty creatures. The idea of sin is a very destructive concept for emotional and self satisfaction.

We all live in this vast world with SO many things to experience and try out. It is absolutely ridiculous to claim we can never be satisfied or find any happiness in any of it. Being inactive when so much is out there. To not strive for growth in life has a great deal to do with happiness and satisfaction. There is no god shaped hole. My life is in my hands. Happiness and success comes from my actions and desires. Balance of all things is the key.



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3 responses to “What god shaped hole?

  1. I’d never even heard the term ‘god shaped hole’ before I saw Derren Brown talk about it on youtube. He was training a guy to be a faith healer at the time. Just to show that much of that is a big box of tricks. Personally, I think you can be an atheist with your heart fully intact.

    • I’ve heard it a few times. Mostly from a man I greatly respected in my high school years. Back when I wanted to be a Catholic priest. He had said to me that nothing in this world would ever satisfy me. Not the love from my friends, not abundant wealth, or possessions. He said that he would even drop his entire family if it meant putting his god first. I was very impressionable at that time so I believed it.

      But now that I have gotten older and finding my way through life as an adult. I don’t buy it.

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