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Never forget why

Never forget the reason why you are doing the things you’re doing.

Never forget why those things are fun.

Never forget to never fall into just doing the motions.

Never forget to always be there when you’re doing the things you love.


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I want to stop

I am tired of it. I am ready to take back my life. Alcohol is a great evil. It is poison. I am tired of it and being not sober all the time. It’s not what I really want. At first it was good and I wasn’t abusing it. But then I fell into abusing it again much like a few years ago.

I was looking for things in it that I could only get elsewhere. Confidence. Pride. Love. Enjoyment. It clouded my judgement, and I was throwing my money away. I was under the belief that drinking made things fun, but in reality nothing ever got done when I was drinking. The fun things I wanted to do while drinking weren’t very fun because I couldn’t enjoy them fully.

Plus I was doing risky things that could cost me my life, and I was being mean to the people around me while drinking. I call alcohol poison. I don’t even know if it is a good thing anymore. Maybe in social situations, but for now I want to strive to reducing and stopping my drinking alone.

A person can’t change the past or other people, but they can change the future and themselves.

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