I want to stop

I am tired of it. I am ready to take back my life. Alcohol is a great evil. It is poison. I am tired of it and being not sober all the time. It’s not what I really want. At first it was good and I wasn’t abusing it. But then I fell into abusing it again much like a few years ago.

I was looking for things in it that I could only get elsewhere. Confidence. Pride. Love. Enjoyment. It clouded my judgement, and I was throwing my money away. I was under the belief that drinking made things fun, but in reality nothing ever got done when I was drinking. The fun things I wanted to do while drinking weren’t very fun because I couldn’t enjoy them fully.

Plus I was doing risky things that could cost me my life, and I was being mean to the people around me while drinking. I call alcohol poison. I don’t even know if it is a good thing anymore. Maybe in social situations, but for now I want to strive to reducing and stopping my drinking alone.

A person can’t change the past or other people, but they can change the future and themselves.

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