Being foreign in Japan

The one thing that angers and disappoints me about living in Japan is how many Japanese view a foreigner as not being able to do something just because of being a foreigner. Now, the only foreign country I have ever lived in is Japan, but others tell me that this kind of thinking is purely Japanese. Why is this?

It annoys me that people think I have no capacity of understanding. You’re probably not able to read this. You’re probably not able to do this. You probably don’t know what this means. These kinds of things are said to me on occasion. While not very often, they do stick out and bother me.

And if you do know what the hell is going on, Japanese are going to keep raising the bar higher and higher. Oh, you can write Hiragana and Katakana, but can you write these Kanji? Oh, you can write Kanji. But can you write this (harder) Kanji? It’s very much like that, and it’s weird. Maybe not intentional.

Personally, I am sick of this either way. If I can break these assumptions and stereotypes on a daily basis, I feel like I have done my duty to improve the situation for everyone. Not only has this way of thinking become my enemy, defeating it has also become a type of motivation for me to succeed and be a functional citizen in Japanese society.


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