For if I get into another relationship

I was thinking about some of the things I need to be aware of next time if I do ever get into another relationship. I grew and learned a lot from it. I know she did too.

1. Have self awareness. If something doesn’t feel right then it probably is something you should think more about and not rush into. Possible option is write about it to sort out your feelings.

2. Ask questions and never stop. Always try to keep the relationship interesting/fresh. What kinds of things bother you? What are your fetishes? Do you mind I drink alcohol? What things do you have a passion for? What are your ideals? Do you mind I like such and such hobby?

3. Don’t rush into things. If you honestly feel weird about the progression of the relationship say something. Don’t mindless just sit back for the ride.

4. Don’t be too kind. Speak up and consider things. Better to work on a problem then to ignore it.

5. Don’t always go along with their plan. You have hobbies and interests of your own. Speak up about them. If they feel weird about taking part or not giving your own chance to do things you enjoy together then reconsider the relationship.

6. Communicate! If there is no communication then things will eventually break down.

7. Try to avoid a long distance relationship. If you do happen to pursue one. Set goals and ideas early on for the possibility of being closer. Talk about it. In the end, don’t avoid it.

8. Never give up your own personal beliefs, ideals and values for someone else. You have your own personal ways of working within this world. For example, if you believe going to bed at 10:30 every night is what your body needs then that is what it needs. Try to talk about the values and ideals you share and don’t share. Try to compromise and see from their viewpoint.


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