No matter what language

No matter what language you speak there are going to be people looking for something free. A woman messaged me recently on this dating site that I pay money to just be able to message others freely. It’s an only Japanese dating website.

So anyway, this woman, with no profile picture mind you. Sends me a message in English asking me how she can be good in English because my Japanese was perfect to her in my profile. My profile is entirely in Japanese because I am all about that do everything in Japanese shit. Well except this blog. This is one of the few English outlets I have.

So I read her message and I was quite angry to be honest. These messages don’t come up very often but when they do they are usually from older women or college students. So I message this woman back telling her to basically piss off in polite Japanese. That I am paying to use this site, not some personal English teacher and maybe she should look into English classes.

Her response was funny because her tone totally changed from her first message. She tells me in Japanese that she couldn’t understand MY Japanese because it wasn’t perfect. Whatever that means. I talk to everyone in Japanese. Those who message me and those I message. I think I have a pretty good grasp on the language if I can hold conversation like this. I think she was just butthurt that I didn’t give her the kind of answer she was expecting. I’m on this dating site looking for a relationship. Not looking to give free English lessons or my opinion on English learning.

No matter what language. Man or woman. You’re going to find people asking for a free hand out.


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