There is always sun after the rain

I can’t explain it but today I felt absolutely better. I don’t feel any happier, but I feel positive and clear headed. I can take on what comes my way. It isn’t the end of things. Maybe all I needed to do was write about how I was feeling. To bring to light what has been troubling me. I was aware of my issues but something about writing things down has this power to bring about self awareness. Which reminds me I have been meaning to read a book on this subject.

I feel like I have once again latched on to the me that I liked before I was in a relationship. The me that I was trying to build up into an ideal version of myself.

Lately, I have been reading a Japanese book. It basically lists 40 things a person with confidence should be doing. It would be part of the self help genre, but I feel like the points he brings up are pretty obvious to anyone. It serves as a reminder of sorts? It’s interesting and have been reading one point each day. The point yesterday was something I needed to read. He starts off by writing that many people faced with a problem say to themselves, “What can I do?” The author suggests that when faced with such a problem it is better to remember the 5W1H (who, what, where, why, when, and how).

He recounts an instance where his dentist tells him that the way he brushes his teeth isn’t very good. The dentist suggests to him that maybe he should brush his teeth while he is taking a shower. The author then noticed that by doing so he was able to brush his teeth calmly and effectively. Since he wasn’t in a rush and just relaxing in the shower. By changing the how and where, the way he brushed his teeth changed as well. He doesn’t specifically go into it but I feel like this ties into what your habits are. If you change the situation for the habits you want to change and start a new habit then the old ones will go away.

I want to consider the things that have been troubling me and make a contract to myself in this sort of way. By looking at the 5W1H. At the very least it would give me a clearer picture of what I am aiming for rather than something vague like exercise, quit drinking or read a book today.


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