I need to stop my alcoholism

I didn’t go in to work today because I couldn’t sleep well enough. I was fine all day yesterday up until I wanted to go to bed. When I got into bed my heart started to pound fast and it was very noticeable. I hadn’t eaten anything that day. I read if you experience things like a racing heart while fasting then it’s a sign you should eat something. So I made something to eat but it really didn’t change anything. Maybe it just made things worse? Whatever the case, I was up most of the night because of my heart.

I want to say that it is a few things like alcoholism, not getting to bed at a decent time, stress, and maybe a nutrient deficiency. Last night helped me see that my life isn’t going very well right now. I’m aware of this, and I want to do something about it. I am tired of drinking alcohol like this and I feel it is the main source of a lot of the problems I am having lately.

I need to write up some kind of plan to follow. I don’t want to completely stop drinking. I just want to stop drinking alone. I am just using it to run away from my problems. That isn’t right at all.

Days sober: 2

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  1. I can totally relate. I drink to stop all the noise in my head. Lets do this one sober day at a time. Day 1 here. WE CAN DO THIS!!

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