Humans are pretty fragile

Yesterday, I once again had a rapid heart rate. I don’t get what is causing this. It was the same as last Sunday. No problems, but right when I want to go to bed it starts up. Today was mentally stressful to deal with this fast beating heart. At least by the time I ate lunch it slowed down again.

I think I have some kind of deficiency. So, for now I am going to stop fasting. I’m going to start drinking the milk again at school, and maybe eat a piece of fruit in the morning after my run. I think it’s probably potassium because all the foods that have that I don’t eat. I was eating a lot of spinach, which are also rich in fiber, and avocados.

My father suggests that I should get it checked but I have had experiences like this happening before. But I never thought of it as some kind of deficiency. Mostly because the heart beat was never so bad that it kept me awake at night. I’m going to take it easy for now, and just keep my eye on it. If it does seem to happen again after changing around my diet then I will see a doctor.

Days sober: 1
Goal is at least 6 days sober.

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