Hardly an adult

It’s funny how time just repeats itself. In the big picture and in the smaller picture of our own every day lives. It kind of makes one think, do we have any free will at all? Are we ever in control of anything? I sit here in the same type of position I was in last year and the year before that. Alone and having to pay a large fee for something. This time it’s towards a car accident. I wasn’t paying attention and crashed into the curb. At least no one else was involved.

I’m also wondering just what I want to do with myself. The years before this wasn’t such a big deal. I wasn’t feeling like how I feel now. I’m bored. I want something different to do. Something more. Some people want material things. Some people want money. Status. For me it’s self satisfaction. Achievement. I’m not achieving anything. I need to find goals to achieve in my every day life. Little things that will make me feel satisfied each day. I used to do this, but stopped keeping track because it just became like a daily routine.

I don’t want to be in this cold apartment after work anymore either. I’ve asked my company for extra work but haven’t heard anything back yet. I mean, if I’m not doing anything in particular. I might as well be making money instead. In the mean time, I usually go to the library close to where I work. I read or study Japanese. Anything is better than being home.

I’ve gotten so sick of the silence in my apartment. So I just keep the TV on as background noise lately. Some how it has given a slight warmth, and filled the void.

I really have no idea what I want for my future. I’ve pretty much given up on dating. Just tired of the effort. No one wants to meet me since I’m far away from the city. All the people signed up are in their 30s and 40s. I’m not interested. When I was still with my ex, she said that I am a herbivore man. Instead of going after women, I show no real interest in sex and would much rather just stick to friendships. (Although, unknown to her I was much more interested in wanting to meet more women when I was with her.) I’m more concerned about my own things and working on my own self development. I don’t like this label very much. Although, it is true I do show a strong lack of interest in sex. I like masturbation, but the thought of sex was never something that interested me growing up. It was either different kinds of fetishes or things that would lead up to sex that turned me on. But the physical act I could do without for some reason. It is something that doesn’t cross my mind.

Today was a holiday in Japan celebrating coming of age. I wonder if I will ever come of age? I am turning 28 in about 3 months, and I hardly feel like any sort of adult.

I don’t know where I am going with this. I think I’m going to go out and jog for a while to clear my head.


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