Hedgehog’s Dilemma

My relationships eventually all breakdown.

Male or female. Something just eventually happens whenever I get too close to people. I just become cruel, and critical.

I’m not meant to have relationships with humans.

I’m meant to be alone, but I can still do good for others. I just can’t get too close to them…

I can’t deal with intimacy with females. I need myself. I can’t stand the thought of losing myself. My own freedom and the sacrifice of being with someone.

I would go insane being at the whim of another. My ideal relationship would be one where I could maintain something at a distant and feel good. Maybe be intimate at times. But sex isn’t something that arouses me. I don’t see myself having a family. I find more pleasure just pulling women along. And after I’ve “captured” them it’s time for the next one. A new woman. A new experience.

Others say I’m selfish. I’d rather keep to myself than to bring another life into the world. I don’t know. Relationships mean nothing to me really. I take them for granted.

I know I’m horrible. And that is why I am alone.


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One response to “Hedgehog’s Dilemma

  1. candeezesky

    We are allowed to be single. Theres no rules that say we must be in a relationship.

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