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Where is Tamako Market going?

I want to continue to like Tamako Market but I just can’t. At first the atmosphere and warmth from the show reminded me of Aria. Yeah, the slice of life about a girl who wants to become a gondolier. But as Tamako Market continues on into the sixth episode out of twelve, I am reconsidering just what the heck I’m watching. Will this show go somewhere? Is there an actual goal the characters are trying to achieve?

The cute pleasantness can only go so far without any kind of conflict or character development. While Aria does have a life is pleasant theme to it. There is also strong characterization throughout as the characters learn and get closer to their dreams. But what characterization does Tamako Market have? We haven’t seen any yet. The characters are bland, and don’t go out of their way to be or show anything more than what they’ve shown us since the first episode. Although we did have some development when it came to Tamako’s sister Anko and Shiori. But it was short lived, and didn’t have much of a lasting impression after watching episodes 5 and 6.

Even K-ON had alright characterization. Yui is very different from Mio. But then again to be fair I also hated the first season. It’s too short and much like Tamako Market I felt nothing for Yui and the other cast members for the exact same reasons I complaining right now. It wasn’t until the longer second season that really got me into K-ON and the characters started to grow on me. It had a lot to do with the mood of the series as a whole. And even though there isn’t a whole lot of conflict and the characters stay relatively the same. The kind of situations and stories told in the series were interesting enough. The second season is definitely very well done because of this.

Going back to the character development of Anko and Shiori, I watched episodes 5 and 6 in succession and I just forgot we had that kind of development in the previous episodes. It was like a total change in presentation. My main issue right now is with this lopsided love triangle that isn’t really a love triangle yet. Since we don’t know if Tamako has any deep feelings for Mochizo other than the childhood friend cliche. And who knows how that will pan out by the end of the series? My guess is it will be so tacked on. I just can’t see this show as being one where Tamako is going to cry buckets like the moeblobs from Kanon, Air, and Clannad.

The cuteness has definitely overstayed its welcome. It’s just there. I don’t get. I like it insofar that I can just sit and watch pretty animation. But then after it’s over it feels like what was the point? It’s like eating an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting. Feels good in the moment but when you check that weight scale. There is a bit of regret. We’re on episode 6 already and I really wonder what this show wants to be? It feels like Kyoani is just trying to cash off the concepts used in K-ON, but they’re failing at it. Maybe they should stick to doing what they do best?



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