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Do it

I want to believe I am growing into a stronger and better person everyday. This winter will be harsh financially but it will work out. I have the discipline and the will to make this work. I have to put aside instant gratification for a greater reward later.

I am walking the path that I want to live so I am satisfied.
I can do it.


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Financial Troubles

I don’t know what to say. It should only take 30 minutes to sit down and write a simple entry. I enjoy writing. So why don’t I write? It should be an everyday thing. Anyway, I don’t want to say that I have lost myself. I have been trying my best to stay on track, but for the past two months it’s been hard to stay on track when the money you’re living off of isn’t really your own.

To backtrack a bit, for the past two months I have been going through financial troubles. Maybe I mentioned before about going back to America over the summer, travelling with friends, and then my girlfriend coming to stay with me. All that put a strain and I came back with no savings. I wasn’t expecting the taxes and bills to be so bad. But they were so I had to ask my father for some support the past two months.

For the past two months, I started to fall back into a pattern of binge eating. Mostly because the worst of foods are generally the cheapest. I now feel I am a lot less critical of overweight Americans. Maybe they’re just poor and can’t really buy good fruits and vegetables? Along with binge eating, I have been drinking horrible cheap beer. It’s probably just my imagination but cheap beer seems to have this addictive quality to it. It makes you come back. Before the summer, I was drinking Hoegaarden every now and then, but it never gave me a feeling like I needed it every day. It’s a good beer. Maybe a little expensive here but it satisfied me.

It has been a difficult two months but it’s finally coming to a close. This Friday my pay returns back to its full amount, and I feel ready to start doing what I need to do. It’s no longer summer vacation. I need to start putting money aside and start using money wisely. I can only live life one day at a time so I need to do the best I can do with the time that I have now.

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